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NEW! Sculpture Block & Sculpture Canvas

Sculpture Block
Sculpture Block is an excellent rigid foam material for creative design. It allows you to create shapes and sculptures quicker than with any other modelling or sculpting material. It is perfect for experienced sculptors or beginners.
Sculpture Block is very light and strong and extremely simple to use. With Sculpture Block you can create sophisticated and detailed shapes that might not be possible with stone or wood. Sculpture Block can be cut with a saw, carved with chisels or rifflers and sanded using a rasp or file. Shapes can be glued together with epoxy and your finished work can be painted, varnished or coated at will.

Sculpture Canvas
Easily create detailed 3D paintings. Extremely strong material for long-lasting results, easy to shape, user-friendly and can be used for any composition or design.

Evan Woodruffe Demonstrates a few of our Art & Design Papers

Hahnemuhle Sketch Books - Drawing & Sketching Paper

Fabriano Artistico

Hahnemuhle Stella Matt Drawing paper


35 Exciting New Colours

Schmincke Horadam Watercolours 125 Year Anniversary

Schmincke celebrate the 125th Jubilee Year of their famous Horadam Watercolour with 35 new colours, including 32 single-pigment colours and an increased use of highly lightfast pigments, such as Quinacridone and Perylene.

This optimized and enlarged assortment offers painters 139 brilliant, intense colours of the highest quality "Made in Germany", including 112 with highest possible 4-5 star lightfastness, and 95 single-pigment tones for brilliant mixing results.

Horadam Watercolour’s new, extended colour range comes from integrating new pigment classes as well as 20 new pigments, providing painters with a stunning, full harmonic spectrum of both brilliance and subtlety.

One of the new colours introduced for the Schmincke Horadam 125th Anniversary is French Ultramarine: a rich, intense single-pigment reddish blue which granulates beautifully, and sits perfectly in between their three existing Ultramarines.

To view the 35 new colours with a brief description of each click here.

To buy the new colours click here or visit your nearest Gordon Harris store as soon as possible. 


Demonstrated by Evan Woodruffe - VIDEO


Demonstrated by Evan Woodruffe - VIDEO 

Forte Range

German Quality at a Very Affordable Price
Our new da Vinci Forte Brush range is made of very pliable, yet stiff synthetic fibre, which combines the best characteristics of bristle and natural hair brushes. They feature great colour absorbing capacity and support very controlled application.
The da Vinci Forte brushes complement our existing and very popular da Vinci Hobby brush range. While the green-handled Hobby is a soft fibre brush best suited to fluid colour, the blue-handled Forte is a strong fibre for heavier bodied paints and gels. 


The new oil-based multi-technique paint marker. Ideal for painting, drawing and
mixed-media. Use on canvas, paper, plastic, wood, metal and as a finish on many acrylic, oil and solvent based paints. For more information please click here to visit the product page. 


Mixing Schmincke Print Medium with any oilcolour in a 1:1 ratio gives you a high quality oil-based printing ink.  Once mixed, the resulting oil-based printing ink can be used for block-prints, intaglio, and mono-printing.  By using real oilpaint such as Norma Professional, the artist has a huge variety of colour strength, transparency and opacity to choose from.


Schmincke Aero Opaque Medium can be added to transparent Aerocolor up to 1:1 proportion to increase its opacity.  The increase in opacity occurs during drying.  While transparent colours can be just what you want for glazing, when working over a darker colour you sometimes want to replicate the vibrancy the transparent colour gives you on a white surface.


Gordon Harris Symonds Street is now open at 39 Symonds Street on the corner of Mount Street. Just 80 metres up the road from our  previous location! Click on the image below for store hours and maps.

Symond street move

da Vinci Top-Acryl Brushes! 

Top quality brushes for use with all acrylic paints. Constructed with an interlocking effect and 'new generation' synthetic fibres that draw fluid up into the brush head, providing a larger reservoir of colour than standard synthetics.


POSCA New extended range! 

We've extended our range of the fabulous Uni Posca markers

Uni POSCA Markers provide vibrant colours for illustrations and hobbies. Water-based pigment ink is lightfast and waterproof and writes on virtually any surface - yet does not bleed through paper. The wide range of opaque colours cover each other well. 



Our New Wellington store is now open at 182 Vivian St! 

Click on the image for more information and maps!

QoR Modern Watercolours

Made using an exclusive binder that provides more pigment with every stroke, QoR Modern Watercolours have all the subtlety, transparency, and flow of a great traditional watervolour, yet the colours embody the fire and vibrance of the best acrylic or oil paint - even after drying. Shop online here or available in all Gordon Harris stores now.


BIYOMAP now available at Gordon Harris



Gordon Harris welcomes BIYOMAP to our shelves! BIYOMAP is the professional choice to pack and protect your artwork in no time. BIYOMAP bags provide durable protection while transporting and storing your art, BIYOMAP is also an environmentally sound alternative to plastic bubble wrap. Made from a water-resistant, breathable, acid-free material, BIYOMAP cases are economical, reusable, and recyclable. To view the range, click here.


The Return of Tombow


The search is over! Back by popular demand; the Tombow Marker range. With dual tip functionality, the Tombow Marker fulfils many purposes. Ideal for artists and craft enthusiasts, with 96 colours including a blender for shading. Tombow uses water-based ink, which is blend-able and the resilient nylon brush retains its point stroke after stroke. Shop online here or available in all Gordon Harris stores now.

Giant Street Art homage to Rita Angus hits Newmarket wall

Rita Angus Mural

 Photo: The wall before, during and after completion

Commissioned by Gordon Harris The Art & Graphic Store the Rita Angus tribute mural is a commemoration and celebration of one of New Zealand's greatest painters. Combining two of her most renowned and popular works, "Rutu" and "Cass", local mural artist Jonny 4Higher with assistance from Rotorua based artist Jacob Chrisohoou recreated these classics in large scale for all to enjoy.

Inspired by the Pacific Island setting of “Rutu”, Jonny added a distinctive sun-disc inspired halo radiating out from the subject, combining ancient Polynesian and Maori motifs as an acknowledgement to the diverse cultural heritages of the Pacific, with the already-present Lotus flower representing the Asian region.

The mural was painted over 5 days using the high quality German Molotow Premium spray-paint available from Gordon Harris. The hope is that this work will be enjoyed by the local community and highlight the possibilities of large scale murals.

If you'd like more information about this topic, please call Glenn Toms at 027 431 6093 or e-mail Glenn at glenn@gordonharris.co.nz



Schmincke Medium W - Banish Solvents from your Oil Painting 
Sick of using Solvents? Mix one part Medium W with two parts oilcolour and you can THIN YOUR OILCOLOUR WITH WATER!!! It's true: Medium W makes your traditional oilcolours water-miscible with no need to use solvents to thin, and brushes wash out in soap and water. Meduim W is quick drying (2-4 days) and is so easy. Medium W keeps your oilcolours vibrant unlike solvent; it's perfect for underpainting with a lot of water added, and great for layering with just a little water added. Click Here to read more on product, Click Here to go to Product

Schmincke Medium L - Increase Flow and Dries Fast
Medium L is a quick-drying alkyd resin with incredible flow qualities. It’s “thixotropic” so is jelly-like at first, becoming thinner the more it’s mixed into your oilcolour, allowing control over the viscosity of your paint. It's colour is much clearer than other alkyd resins, so better for pale hues. Click Here to read more

Schmincke InkJet Protection Spray
A transparent sealing varnish for inkjet prints. Has almost no effect on gloss or colour. Non-yellowing and age-resistant. 400ml spray can. Click Here to read more

Charbonnel Aqua Wash Etching Inks
Charbonnel Aqua Wash Etching Inks are water-washable, with an oil emulsion that allows work similar to traditional solvent-based inks. Made from extra-fine quality pigments, these etching inks are very lightfast and permanent when dry, and excellent for all techniques, including intaglio, relief, etching, and woodcut on linoleum, monotype, aquatint, and more.Formulated especially for artists and students working in groups, Charbonnel Aqua Wash Inks clean up without solvents, and are non-toxic, odourless, and easy to wipe. Click Here to read more

Molotow Dripstick
The Molotow Dripstick's super-soft Easy-Squeeze body makes the fattest, juiciest drips possible with a minimum of pressure. Plus, no matter how hard you squeeze, the Dripstick's design gives the tip maximum hold. Molotow's unique Easy-Refill system features a screw-on tank cap that makes refilling quick, clean, and easy, for when every second counts. The Dripstick is recommended for use with the Molotow Cocktail Speedflow and CoversAll black inks, but it also works with other inks, including Molotow ONE4ALL acrylic colours. Click Here to read more

Molotow Grafx Masking Liquid Marker
Molotow GRAFX Art Masking Liquid pens allow you to protect some areas of your artwork from the colouring process. Apply the masking liquid on the surface you need to "mask" from the paint you are going to apply, next apply colour, let it dry out and rub down with a finger or a rubber. Click Here to read more

Molotow Speedflow Pump Marker
Molotow Masterpiece 367PI Speedflow Markers feature the patented Flowmaster™ pump-valve that provides a continuous ink flow for quick application on large areas. Molotow Speedflow Black Ink is alcohol-based and nitrogen-based, and has a visco-plastic coating with a light copper lustre. Permanent, high-covering, UV-resistant, weather-resistant, quick-drying, and abrasion-resistant, this marker is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Refillable with all of Molotow inks and paints, but for best results refill with the alcohol-based Masterpiece Speedflow 767 refill cocktail. Click Here to read more

Moleskine Sketch Albums
Brand new from Moleskine, the Sketch Albums feature 120gsm smooth, ivory - coloured paper ideal for pencils, pastels, charcoal and markers. The cover is black cardboard with visible stitching on the spine. Two Sizes: 21x13cm and 19x19cm square. Click Here to read more

“Ghstie” at Gordon Harris
Street Artist Sean Duffell also known as "Ghstie", made our Newmarket store roller door and big paper recycle bin a little more exciting at the end of January. Using a high quality German brand of aerosol paint, Molotow, he transformed a dull corner of our car park into a striking example of urban fine art. Sean’s work is inspired straight from New Zealand natural fauna and flora abstracting reinterpretations of our natural habitat by creating complex patterns all rendered in an organic colour palette. See more of his work by going to his website www.ghstie.com.

Molotow Belton spray paints are available in an awesome 251 colours with the full range stocked in all Gordon Harris stores.

Ghostie -Sean Duffell 

NEW Golden High Flow Acrylic
Golden High Flow Acrylic is the new acrylic paint you can take from your brush to marker pen to dip-pen to airbrush and more! High Flow has an ink-like consistency and transparency that lends itself to a wide range of effects, from staining and wash, to glazing and line work. The 49 acrylic colours replace the Golden Airbrush range, offering more colours (including iridescent and fluorescent!), with more intensity and better dry paint durability.

10,000 art & graphic products now listed on our Webstore!
It's taken a massive amount of keyboard work (thank you Amanda and Shelley) and we are very proud to have reached the 10,000 products online milestone! But don't worry we won't be stopping there (well maybe for a cup of tea.) There are plenty more wonderful art, graphic and paper products in stock at Gordon Harris stores that we will add online too. Not to mention the enticing new products we keep adding to our already huge range. At Gordon Harris we are proud to offer New Zealand's largest range of art supplies, graphic products and specialty papers. We hold physical stock of almost all products listed on our webstore and many customers have provided positive feedback on our speedy turnaround of their orders and enquiries. Thank you. We love to get your feedback and suggestions.

NEW Products
Molotow Spray

The original Molotow Premium Belton spray paint
Now available in 251 colours from all Gordon Harris stores in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch, and our webstore.

The Molotow Premium Belton spray can is the reference graffiti and street art can worldwide. It was developed over 10 years ago in cooperation with some of the most renowed street artists. This can fundamentally revolutionised spray can technology and is still exciting the scene today.

Molotow Premium guarantees the highest weather and UV-resistance. It allows clear and exact lines (0.5 to 30cm) due to the Flowmaster™ valve and optimised low-pressure adjustments. The paint consists of 4 times ground genuine car pigments and the unique nitro-alkyd compound based on the patented Molotow technologies: all-season™, no-dust™, anti-drip™ and covers-all™. All these features guarantee unequalled reliability, coverage, precision and make Molotow the highest quality spray can available. Made in Germany.

Price: $13.99
R18: Spray paints can not be sold to persons under 18 years of age. Proof of age may be requested.

Molotow ONE4ALL Paint Markers

Molotow Sneaker

-  Acrylic-based hybrid-paint markers
-  Highly covering and UV-resistant
-  Availabe in up to 34 colours (varies by size)
-  Silk-matt finish, quick drying
-  Refillable with ONE4ALL refills
-  Tip exchangeable
-  Empty markers also available

The Molotow ONE4ALL high solid paint marker series is as unique as it is versatile. It consists of technologically sophisticated markers in six sizes (1mm - 15mm) and a unique acrylic-based hybrid-paint that works on almost every surface. All markers are refillable with ONE4ALL refills and the tips can be exchanged easily. The paint itself can be used with every application tool imaginable. Due to its versatility ONE4ALL opens up endless creative possibilities for artists, writers and street artists. This marker and paint system is the missing link between spray can, airbrush, marker and paint brush. ONE4ALL is a highly pigmented multi-purpose marker system that provides an unprecedented colour brilliance and opacity - a paint that's capable of everything and covers everything.

A special technical feature is the Flowmaster™ pump-valve that guarantees a controlled paint-flow. The more pressure imposed on the valve the more paint will flow. This feature allows best writing performance on almost every surface. The mixing balls inside the marker make sure that the highly concentrated pigments are evenly distributed within the paint for optimal writing results. Therefore it is recommended to shake your marker well before use.

The highly pigmented, acrylic-based hybrid-paint is easily mixable with other ONE4ALL colours (for individual shading), it can be diluted with water (for translucent effects) or with acetone (for permanency on fatty surfaces). It works on almost every surface, is silk-matt, quick-drying, has an incredible opacity and is UV-resistant.

Made in Germany.
Molotow ALL4ONE Markers & Refills

Copic Markers and Inks now stocked.

Copic Markers

We are now stocking the full range of 214 Copic Original Markers & Ink Refills.
With its outstanding performance and creative versatility, the Copic Marker System provides the ultimate solution to design flexibility and artistic liberty.

-  Square body profile is roll resistant on working surfaces.
-  Solid polypropylene body is both smooth and comfortable, for a perfect, controllable grip.
-  Durable polyester nibs are easily interchangeable and available in several different weights and styles.
-  Copic Markers come in 214 colours and are refillable with Various Inks.
-  Electronic production guarantees consistency of both colour and output.
-  Precise and positive colour capping system provides for instant colour selection.

We've gone big on clay! Two new ranges of modelling clays that offer exciting new 3D possibilities, from craft applications through to Fine Art and product design, are making quite an impact in-store with customers and staff alike!

Sculpey Models

Newplast is a non-drying, re-usuable modelling material. It is sufficiently pliable to make a variety of models, but is firm enough to retain its shape indefinitely, and this is what makes it so suited to stop-frame animation. Most famously, Newplast is used by Aardman Productions in creating the Wallace & Gromit movies. Its versatility sees it used extensively in education and in industry as well, for a wide variety of applications ranging from construction to medical device manufacture.

Newplast is made in the UK in 26 colours, and yet 500g blocks only cost $7.99.

Sculpey is a high-quality, oven-bake polymer clay. We now stock three ranges to suit your particular project - Original, Premo, and Super Sculpey.

Original Sculpey is solft and pliable, and it works and feels like a ceramic clay, but doesn't dry on exposure to air. After baking, it can be sanded, drilled, carved and painted with acrylic paints or Sculpey Glaze. 

Premo Sculpey is an artist's dream come true! This clay is soft enough to blend easily but firm enough to hold fine detail and for specialised techniques. It's perfect for caning, mokume gane and mica shift. Premo retains flexibility so the finished product remains very strong and durable, ideal for jewellery. The 34 densely saturated colours, based on an artist's palette, can be mixed to create custom colours.

Super Sculpey is a very unique polymer clay, loved by artists, doll makers and animation studios around the world. With a ceramic-like feel, Super Scullpey is a semi-translucent beige that, when baked, captures the glow of real skin. It can also be mixed with Premo to change the colour. Super Sculpey features fine tooling and detailing characteristics, perfect for producing prototypes or detailed finished sculptures. After curing in an oven, it can be sanded, drilled, carved and painted with acrylic paints.

These three Sculpey ranges are made in the USA and are complimented by modelling and jewellery making accessories.

YOU TUBE VIDEOS - Oil Painting
Our very own Evan Woodruffe demonstrates some of Schmincke's oil painting materials at their factory near Cologne, Germany in September 2011.

You may recall Evan's description of "how fabulous colours are made" at Schmincke in Issue Two of our Create Newsletter - now you can watch those colours in use on these six You Tube videos! Click on the links below to be directed to the You Tube videos:

Schmincke Primer 1
Schmincke Mussini Resin-oil colour Translucent Yellow 

Schmincke Mussini Resin-oil colour Delft Blue 
Schmincke Professional Norma Oil colour Translucent Brown
Schmincke Professional Norma Oil colour Poppy Red
Schmincke Rapid Medium 

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Monoprinting without a press!
- Gel Printing Plates that...
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