NEW da Vinci Brushes!!!

NEW da Vinci Brushes

da Vinci MICRO-Maestro DV100 & MICRO-Nova DV170

Unbelievably fine detail brushes in four sizes: 5/0, 10/0, 15/0, and 20/0. The new MICRO brushes have a specialist short handle with slightly flattened sides so it won’t roll away, and are available in both Kolinsky sable (labelled with silver “belly bandage”) and Nova synthetic (red “belly bandage”) fibres.

The new da Vinci MICRO-Maestro & MICRO-Nova brushes enable the finest painting techniques for the miniaturist, model painter, and just plain freaky-detail painters out there! The MICRO-Maestro offers the ultimate control, with highly responsive flex, point, and colour capacity. MICRO-Nova is a highly responsive synthetic which holds a remarkable amount of colour for such a tiny brush – see above right: all marks from a single loading of a 20/0 MICRO-Nova!


Da Vinci Junior DV303 DV304 DV300

Don’t let their name fool you – the da Vinci Junior range is an indication of just how high German quality is! Hard-wearing synthetic fibres with a medium-strength flex for all painting techniques, and a textured grip embossed on the shaped handle makes Junior easy to control.

Da Vinci Junior has been popular at our Ponsonby store since the mid-90s, with the late, great Sir Peter Siddell proclaiming it his favourite brush – certainly an endorsement ahead of its name! While the da Vinci professional ranges of Top Acryl and Cosmotop-Spin use blended fibre technology to achieve remarkable fluid capacity and feel, Junior’s single-filament composition offers the best performance in its more affordable price bracket.

Junior is available in Flat, Round, and Jumbo. At all Gordon Harris Stores


Da Vinci Nova DV5570

When they were first produced in the early 1970s, da Vinci Nova synthetic brushes revolutionised painting by introducing a fine, highly responsive fibre that could be used for both water- and oil-based painting techniques. Today, they use an up-dated blend of synthetic fibres to hold colour and feed it progressively through to the tip.

While the blended fibres make it well suited to all liquid painting techniques, Nova’s soft yet elastic brush head can apply very exact and even layers of Heavy Body acrylic too. Evan Woodruffe’s personal endorsement: I use Nova brushes for almost all my applications of tube colour acrylic. Of course, fine fibres such as Nova and Cosmotop-Spin favour gentle painting techniques, while more robust fibres such as Top Acryl and Impasto are better for abrasive techniques.

Da Vinci Nova Round Brushes are now being stocked at Newmarket, Wellington and Ponsonby stores, and the Webstore.


Don’t forget: the only way to save money on brushes is to look after them with da Vinci Brush-cleaning Soap!

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