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Da Vinci Brushes for every technique!

Da Vinci Brushes for every technique!


Da Vinci Top Acryl

If you want one brush for all acrylic techniques, Top Acryl is it! The multi-purpose brush uses new generation synthetic fibres that hold plenty of fluid, yet are strong enough for Heavy Body colours. Top Acryl have plenty of flex, are perfectly shaped, and fitted to precision balanced handles.


Da Vinci Cosmotop Spin

Extra-fine new generation synthetic fibres suck up plenty of fluid while giving you plenty of flex. Think of Cosmotop Spin brushes as a synthetic sable: great for all fluid painting techniques, such as watercolour, liquid acrylic, and ink painting.


Da Vinci Casaneo

It’s no exaggeration to say: the new-generation synthetic Casaneo range revolutionises fluid painting techniques. Casaneo’s unique wavy synthetic fibres mimic the soft, fluid-hungry squirrel hair brushes, but being synthetic, Casaneo can be used for any painting media, including fluid acrylics and India ink, offering unbelievable fluid capacity with a deliciously floppy soft feel. Casaneo brushes come in a wide selection of shapes, including the Liner, capable of painting lines over 3m long before refilling!


Da Vinci Vario-EFFECT

The new Vario-EFFECT is like our da Vinci Vario-Tip brushes on steroids! The special synthetic fibre mixture holds an incredible amount of fluid, which is fed down multiple Colineo fibre tips to provide an amazing array of parallel marks. Whether wanting to create hair, grass, abstract lines, cross-hatching, or any number of compound effects, artists will be very interested in this brush!


Da Vinci Casaneo Travel Brush

The da Vinci Travel Brushes feature a hard, black plastic handle that unscrews to provide a protective lid for the brush head, with a breathing hole to prevent moulding. The synthetic squirrel Casaneo fibres hold plenty of fluid behind a finely shaped edge, and the unique handle makes them perfect for artists on the move!


da Vinci MICRO-Maestro & MICRO-Nova

Unbelievably fine detail brushes in four sizes: 5/0, 10/0, 15/0, and 20/0. The new MICRO brushes have a specialist short handle with slightly flattened sides so it won’t roll away, and are available in both Kolinsky sable and Nova synthetic fibres. MICRO enable the finest painting techniques for the miniaturist, model painter, and just plain freaky-detail painters out there! They offer the ultimate control, with highly responsive flex, point, and colour capacity.


Da Vinci Cosmotop-Mix

The Cosmotop-Mix is great for all-round watercolour painting, carrying plenty of fluid with a decent flex for good response. The unique blend of natural and synthetic fibres makes it perfect for gouache too, which requires a brush that is not too springy, but has enough push to deal with a more solid consistency.


Da Vinci Impasto

Super strong synthetic bristles make the Impasto brush like a flexible painting knife! Perfectly suited to all heavily textural acrylic painting techniques, the Impasto brush can also be used for scumbling and dry brush painting – usually a no-no with synthetic brushes.


Da Vinci Junior Synthetic Bristle

The latest addition to our Junior range is the Synthetic Bristle. It not only mimics the strength and hair lines of bristle, but is also much easier to clean.

While Junior sits with the lowest price-point da Vinci brushes, the range is Made in Germany and entirely suitable for even seasoned painters. They are hard-wearing, well-balanced and responsive brushes for water- and oil-based paints, featuring textured grip on the specially shaped handle.


Da Vinci Maestro-2 Bristle

The work-horse of professional oil painting, Maestro-2 Bristle brushes are robust enough to resist wear on abrasive surfaces like canvas, absorbent enough to wipe back layers, and yet soft enough to respond to delicate strokes. Maestro-2 have plenty of “flags” at the tip: split ends that carry the colour, and a sign of good quality hog hair. Properly cleaned, these brushes will retain their shape even after much use and many washings.


Da Vinci Black Sable

Black Sable is a precious natural hair, especially prized by portrait painters in the 19th Century. Black sable combines the softness of red sable with the robustness of hog hair, making it ideal for wet-in-wet blending with oilcolour and OPEN Acrylics.


Da Vinci Brush Sleeves

Frustrated painters trying to protect their brush heads with the hard plastic shipping protectors more often end up damaging the brush shape! Now they can easily slip on and slip off this new Brush Sleeve, which is applied from the rear to protect the brush head while also allowing it to breathe, then pulled off over the head, so that no precious fibres are damaged. Simple and effective!



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