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Tombow ABT PRO is a new alcohol-based marker in 107 colours plus a blender. It provides rich, vibrant colour saturation through both a flexible brush tip and a broad chisel tip.

The ABT PRO alcohol-based ink is quick drying and non-smudging. It allows for multiple layering of colours without pilling the paper, and unlike water-based ink, its application is even and streak-free. Blending is easy, as the colours re-wet when merging one colour into another, while drying the instant you finish the blend. Tombow ABT PRO markers have a slow ink feed allowing for easy control and precision layering and colouring. The nib can be quickly recharged with ink with just a flick of the wrist.

The durable nylon brush tip works like a paintbrush to create fine, medium or bold strokes by changing brush pressure, and feathers out nicely for blending. The resilient polyester chisel tip provides broad coverage for colouring large spaces, while specially shaped to offer a fine point for consistent lines and detail.  The Tombow ABT PRO’s slender barrel is comfortable to grip during use.

Tombow ABT PRO is perfect for illustration, fashion design, architecture, lettering, and cartooning. Store horizontally.


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