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Harmony is a watercolour paper from one of the world’s oldest paper mills. Although this natural white paper can be used for all wet painting techniques, Harmony is surface sized, which makes it especially suited to watercolour painting.

Surface sizing allows very specific control of watercolour, so wet colours can be easily corrected or taken off, and colours stand out excellently on the paper. Masking fluids or masking tapes can be used and removed residue-free.

Harmony’s very reasonable price makes it ideal for students of watercolour, offering a much more nuanced surface than papers such as Britannia, while being noticeably more affordable than pure rag papers.

Harmony Watercolour paper is acid free, light resistant and archival.
It is available in Cold Pressed, Rough and Hot Pressed surfaces, in 50x65cm sheets, A4 and A3 spiral-bound pads.

Spiral bound Pad
A4 size
12 Sheets
Cold Pressed

Since 1584, Hahnemühle’s papermakers have been proving that they superbly master the old craft: uniquely beautiful papers are created from pure spring water and first-class pulps, the same today as over 400 years ago. In the beginning, hand-made vat papers were made, and today traditional recipes are still used to make papers which enthuse painters, graphic artists, illustrators, bookbinders and, more recently an increasing number of photographers.

Hahnemühle’s Traditional FineArt Collection offers the right artists’ paper for each technique: for watercolour or acrylic painting, for sketches and pastel drawings, for charcoal, red chalk or oil paints. But Hahnemühle paper is also the first choice for various printing techniques, for restoration and highquality book-binding. Apart from a wide range of different grammages and surfaces, Hahnemühle also offer papers with classic watermarks and real deckle edges.

All Hahnemühle papers are acid-free, lightfast and extremely age resistant.