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Set of 72 x Copic Classic colours:

B12 Ice Blue
B16 Cyanine Blue
B18 Lapis Lazuli
B21 Baby Blue
B24 Sky
B41 Powder Blue
B45 Smoky Blue
BG11 Moon White
BG32 Aqua Mint
BG34 Horizon Green
BG45 Nile Blue
BG49 Duck Blue
BV04 Blue Berry
BV23 Grayish Lavender
BV31 Pale Lavender
E00 Cotton Pearl
E02 Fruit Pink
E21 Soft Sun
E35 Chamois
E39 Leather
E41 Pearl White
E43 Dull Ivory
E51 Milky White
E53 Raw Silk
E55 Light Camel
E57 Light Walnut
E59 Walnut
E77 Maroon
G00 Jade Green
G05 Emerald Green
G09 Veronese Green
G12 Sea Green
G14 Apple Green
G19 Bright Parrot Green
G20 Wax White
G24 Willow
G40 Dim Green
G82 Spring Dim Green
G85 Verdigris
R00 Pinkish White
R05 Salmon Red
R11 Pale Cherry Pink
R24 Prawn
R39 Garnet
R59 Cardinal
RV02 Sugared Almond Pink
RV10 Pale Pink
RV13 Tender Pink
RV21 Light Pink
RV25 Dog Rose Flower
RV32 Shadow Pink
RV34 Dark Pink
Y08 Acid Yellow
Y19 Napoli Yellow
Y23 Yellowish Beige
Y38 Honey
YG05 Salad
YG07 Acid Green
YG09 Lettuce Green
YG11 Mignonette
YG21 Anise
YG25 Celadon Green
YG41 Pure Cobalt Green
YG45 Cobalt Green
YG63 Pea Green
YG67 Moss
YR02 Light Orange
YR16 Apricot
YR21 Cream
V12 Pale Lilac
V15 Mallow
V17 Amethyst

With its outstanding performance and creative versatility, the COPIC Marker System provides the ultimate solution to design flexibility and artistic liberty.

• Square body profile is roll resistant on working surfaces.
• Solid polypropylene body is both smooth and comfortable, for a perfect, controllable grip.
• Durable polyester nibs are easily interchangeable and available in nine different weights and styles.
• COPIC Markers come in 214 colors and are refillable with Various Inks.
• Electronic production guarantees consistency of both color and output.
• Precise and positive colored capping system provides for instant color selection.
• Body inscriptions and symbols are wear resistant.

Copic is renown worldwide for the high quality of its leading professional markers. Based in Japan, they have been producing Copic Markers for 25 years to the same high standards.
Copic ink refills are available for Copic Markers.
Copic is used extensively in Art, Illustration, Design, Architecture, Fashion, Papercraft and Scrapbooking.ion or to expand on your current range. Sets come in a clear plastic case that also provides a great storage option.