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To commemorate 45 Years as a family-owned New Zealand business, this Special Edition set of 12 x Half pan Horadam Watercolours features a 70s retro-inspired logo in gold on a black metal case. The smart presentation and hot price of this Anniversary Set is an attractive way to celebrate the long commitment Gordon Harris have to artists in New Zealand Aotearoa.

The Horadam standard colour selection provides cool and warm tones of the three Primary colours, with two greens, two earth hues, a sepia and black, with emphasis on colour mixing, lightfastness, and transparency.

Colours included in this set:
215 Lemon Yellow, 224 Cadmium Yellow Light, 349 Cadmium Red Light, 353 Permanent Carmine, 494 Ultramarine Finest, 492 Prussian Blue, 519 Phthalo Green, 534 Permanent Green Olive, 655 Yellow Ochre, 649 English Venetian Red, 663 Sepia Brown and 780 Ivory Black.

Only the best raw materials are used in order for Horadam Watercolours to be fully re-soluble when dried on the palette, and with a high control of paint flow even on soft watercolour papers.

Schmincke began at the end of the 19th Century, when the colour chemists Josef Horadam and Hermann Schmincke saw an opportunity to provide the artists of the day with a truly superior artists oil, and so set out to Italy where traditional studio painting was still taught, in search of the nearly forgotten resin oil formulations.
In 1881, at the Academy of Fine Art in Florence, they secured the precision formulations of the Professor Cesare Mussini, a guardian of the old masters techniques, and on these formulations, the two founded their manufacturing establishment under the name H.Schmincke and Co.

In subsequent years, artists’ colours to suit all techniques were introduced, such as Josef Horadam’s patent watercolours of 1892. Through the entire 20th century, every generation of owner has lead the company to its current position as one of the worlds leading manufacturers of finest artists’ colour.