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Schmincke have added a range of super-granulating colours to their Horadam watercolour range. Each colour contains a combination of granulating pigments which separate and settle into the paper surface for textural watercolour effects.

This Set contains 5 x 5ml tubes of Horadam Super Granulation SHIRE colours: Shire Yellow, Shire Olive, Shire Green, Shire Blue and Shire Grey.

Granulation is a natural effect where particles of pigment too coarse or heavy to remain evenly dispersed in water collect in the grain of the paper. By combining at least 2 granulating Horadam pigments, the Horadam Super Granulating effect is made. This creates a wider range of visual textures for added depth and interest.

As watercolours, they respond to controlled measures of paint plus water, in combination with specific papers. Maximum effect is achieved when the perfect ratio of paint to water plays with the particular surface texture of the paper. The colour should not be too concentrated, or the pigments won’t separate so obviously, but not be so dilute that there’s insufficient colour to show the effect.

As all Horadam Super Granulating Watercolours are non-staining, they can be re-worked to heighten the granulating effect, if originally painted too densely.

The new Special Edition Horadam Super Granulating Watercolours really are special: they’re only available in select countries worldwide, and New Zealand is one of them! The range is available in 15ml tubes, all are the highest 4-5 stars lightfastness, they are non-staining colours, and mostly semi-opaque to semi-transparent.