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The Bake & Bend oven bake clay kit lets kids make projects that bend and twist without breaking, just like rubber. Kids can let their imaginations run wild with the clay and tools included in the kit - the possibilities are endless. This is the perfect rainy day activity or buy several and throw your kid a crafting birthday party!

Set includes 6 x 28gm bars in Black, Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow and a Modeling Tool

Sculpey polymer clay has been used extensively by model makers in the New Zealand movie industry in the production of award winning movies and is used worldwide by serious sculptors, artists and designers. Sculpey clays are equally at home in the world of craft and jewellery making. An entire culture has sprouted around this amazing medium – web sites, newsgroups, conferences and retreats. As the market leader, Sculpey focuses on creating new ways to stimulate and encourage creativity.

From humble beginnings more than 50 years ago to widespread popularity in the new millennium, Sculpey oven-bake clays from Polyform Products have become one of the most desirable art and craft clays on the market today. Sculpey polymer clays are versatile, easy to work with, appropriate for all ages and come in a wide range of colours including metallic and pearlescent colours.

Non-toxic. Made in the USA.

Gordon Harris stocks a wide range of Sculpey Clays including Original Sculpey, Super Sculpey, Premo Sculpey and accessories, in New Zealand.