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The aerosol version of MSA Varnish.
Allows for more applications than a brush, as well as ease of use.

Golden Varnishes are removable, protective products designed to facilitate cleaning paintings.
All offer substantial Ultra Violet protection.
Golden recommends the use of an Isolation Coat, before final varnishing of your acrylic painting. Golden Soft Gel (Gloss) diluted 2:1 with water works well.
Prior to use, it is important to test on a similar composition to your finished artwork, to see how the varnish alters the surface of the work. Varnishing should not be attempted on very humid days, as moisture may cause “blooming” in the varnish layer.

Golden Acrylic Colours are made by the Golden family in upstate New York. Sam Golden has been making paint in New York since the 1930s, and released the first commercially available acrylic, Magna, in 1947. Throughout the Fifties and Sixties he continued to develop his colours and mediums in close partnership with leading art practitioners. In the mid-Seventies, he attempted to retire to up-state New York, but too many artists protested that they were reliant on his products, so he started Golden Paints with his son Mark in the early Eighties.

The Golden’s pay special attention to the latest technological advances in pigment and binders, and continue to work closely with artists to develop new materials. They were the first to develop a water-tension-breaker, the first to use Quinacridone pigments, the first to develop Zinc White for acrylic, the first to use Interference colours, and their latest ground-breaking products include OPEN Acrylics and Digital Mix Media.