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• High-covering acrylic-based hybrid-paint
• Refills all One4All Paint Markers
• Can also be used with brush, airbrush and other tools
• Dilutable with water or acetone
• Intermixable colours
• Quick-drying/silk matt
• For nearly all surfaces indoor and outdoor

Not just ink – real thick paint
ONE4ALL is a highly pigmented, ready to use acrylic-based hybrid-paint, completely solvent-free, dilutable with water (for translucent effects) or acetone (for permanence on fatty surfaces), high-covering, quick-drying and silk matt. It is UV and weather resistant and therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. All colours are intermixable. When mixed with other products it is advisable to test the mixture on a suitable spot. Made in Germany.

30ml Refill
The 30ml refill is a true all-rounder!
Extremely handy and also equipped with a fine dispenser, the “little one” not only is a comfortable marker refill, but also cuts a fine figure as colourful miniature DRIPSTICK. Its super-soft body and the fine dispenser are perfectly suitable for filigree drip pieces.

180ml Refill
Available in black and white, the 180ml refill bottle is perfect for those who work with large areas and need a lot of paint. The handy dispenser makes it easy to refill your marker.

With the idea to design a perfect tool for artists and professionals the MOLOTOW™ story began in 1996. The MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM belton spray can revolutionised aerosol technology across the world and it is still considered as the reference worldwide leading spray paint. In 2008 Molotow released another reference product, the high quality ONE4ALL Marker series that set new standards with its patented marker and refill technology. Molotow continues to create innovative new products for Urban Fine-Art.

There are many imitators – but only one innovator.
MOLOTOW. The Original.