• ART COMPETITION! WIN a Faber-Castell Karl Box! Worth over $4500!

    Date: 14-Feb-2018
    KARL BOX ART COMPETITION! 1 box, 6 colour ranges, 350 drawing instruments! VALUED AT OVER $4,500! Click here to find out more... Read More...
  • Artists’ Paint:A Closer Look At Quality

    Date: 14-Feb-2018
    Paint quality varies, depending on who the intended user is. We make sure that even our most affordable paint is the best quality that price will allow. For passionate recreational painters and... Read More...
  • All About the Surface

    Date: 13-Feb-2018
    The surface you choose to paint or draw on not only becomes a part of your artwork but affects how your materials perform and ultimately survive the test of time. With over 25 years experience in the art materials industry and as a painter, Evan Woodruffe has seen almost every problem that can occur when working on the plethora of surfaces an artist can choose to work on. In All About the Surface he shares with you his recommendations for preparing many different painting surfaces. Read More...