• How to Choose an Easel: Types of Easels, Tips & Pointers

    How to Choose an Easel: Types of Easels, Tips & Pointers

    Date: 11-Jun-2019
    An easel is an investment that should last for many, many years, so it pays to select a well-made easel that is designed for the work you need it to do. Read More...
  • All about the Surface

    All about the Surface

    Date: 16-May-2019
    Artists will experiment painting on just about anything, to achieve a unique look or to marry conception to production. Some, such as Melbourne-based Hamilton-born artist Richard Lewer, even revel in unreceptive surfaces, like Formica, sandpaper and felt! With the right materials, however, just about any surface can be made to take paint; and with some unusual materials some unusual surfaces can successfully be made! Read More...


    Date: 02-Apr-2019
    Inks are highly liquid colours that can be used with a variety of tools. While traditional inks, such as India ink and watercolour dyes, are mostly used for drawing and colouring on paper, new acrylic-based inks can be used on a wide variety of surfaces and have expanded the possibilities of drawing and painting. Read More...