Colineo Oilpainting Brush Long Handles: Fan


The Fan shape is traditionally used for blending two areas together, and is often used today for special mark-making effects.


For oilpainting techniques, the Colineo is perfect for delicate softening, detail work, wet-in-wet and blending.

Mimicking the precious Kolinsky Sable hair, da Vinci Colineo Brushes are made from unique mixtures of synthetic fibres to provide similar qualities to the revered natural sable, at a much more affordable price.

The unique structure of natural sable has been difficult to imitate, yet through a combination of various fibres, some wavy, some straight, tapered and pointed, in different lengths and thicknesses, the Colineo performs as closely as possible to true sable.

The da Vinci Colineo has an exact tip, with the unique sable “tongue” preceding the belly of the brush to create fine, controllable lines. The Colineo holds a large reservoir behind this tip, feeding colour to the surface with a gradual, regulated flow. The fibres of the Colineo have the strength and elasticity of sable – enough to ensure precise application of paint, and not so much to compromise handling. It is these qualities that position Colineo as a worthy replacement for natural sable.

While natural sable could only be used for watercolour and oil colour, the Colineo lends its keen point, thirsty body and excellent control to acrylic paints too, especially fluid colours, inks, and OPEN Acrylic.

The light grey handle of the Colineo is made from a special wood-laminate and resin, making it very resistant to water, and particularly to any loosening of the ferrule, due to being left in water or placed head-up to dry. The handle features the unique da Vinci “shoulders”, and is very finely balanced to give the hand a beautifully managed tool.


  • Finest point
  • Thirsty body
  • Perfect elasticity
  • Balanced handle
  • Suitable for all painting media
  • Attractively priced
  • Vegan.
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