Gordon Harris offers an extensive range of the official PANTONE colour guides, including the popular colourbridge guides and essentials sets with coated and uncoated finishesm and a specialised guide for fashion & interior design. 

To assist you in your selection of the correct guide:

PMS Formula colour – guides show colours achieved by mixing all base inks ‘spot or solid’ colours (pastels, neons & metallics are PMS too)

CMYK Process 4 colour – guides show colours achieved by layered % screens of the 4 Process inks (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & K Black)

Colour Bridge – combines both Formula & CMYK colours side by side to show the closest match to each

Fashion, Home and Interiors Guide – uses non PMS codes for specifying fashion, textiles and interior colours

Coated & Uncoated is the paper stock the colour is printed onto – Coated is shiny and Uncoated matte/flat