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Schmincke Aqua Drop is a concentrated, highly lightfast, liquid watercolour in 24 transparent colours plus an opaque white. It comes in a 30ml pipette bottle, can be thinned with water, remains resoluble on the palette, and is fully compatible with Horadam Watercolour.

Aqua Drop is perfect for watercolourists, urban sketchers, calligraphers, fashion designers and cartoonists.

Aqua Drop is perfectly suited to large watercolour painting, spreading easily whether using a brush or dropped directly from the pipette onto wet paper to blossom and bleed. You can quickly fill areas with either wash or density, without having to first break down tube or pan colour. It also offers a high degree of control for detail, line and calligraphy painting techniques especially when using Aqua Drop with the empty refillable Aqua Drop Liner with brush tip. Aqua Drop can even be used through the finest airbrush.

Aqua Drop is so strong, you only need a drop!