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Schmincke Norma Blue is a water-mixable, professional quality oil colour.
Norma Blue is eco-friendly, formulated exclusively with high quality plant oils, without cobalt, cadmium, or zinc oxides, without any solvents or preservatives, offering a low odour, allergy-friendly, vegan oil colour ideal for indoor and classroom painting.

Norma Blue is a genuine oil paint of the finest quality, with the same handling and colouristic properties of Norma Professional, yet its unique formulation allows thinning and clean-up with water. Straight from the tube, they are smooth and buttery, and are easily adjusted with any of the five Norma Blue Mediums to achieve an extended range of techniques.

Norma Blue is very easy and straightforward to use: colours can be used pure, simply diluted with water or in combination with the Norma Blue mediums on primed surfaces or on oil painting paper. The brushes, spatulas and palettes can also easily be cleaned with water and a little soap.

All Norma Blue colours are highly pigmented and highly lightfast. They can be painted over touch-dry oil colour, and vice-versa. Norma Blue can be mixed 4:1 with traditional oil colour and retain water mixability. The Norma Blue Mediums can be used with traditional oil colours, with the exception of Norma Blue Medium, and traditional mediums can be used with Norma Blue, though will lose its water solubility.