OPEN Acrylics are a slow-drying paint with a slightly softer consistency than Golden Heavy Body. The increased working time of these colours expands their range to include more traditional techniques once only possible with oils, making them perfect for any work requiring blending, e.g. portraiture, for large graduated colour, e.g. skies, for “en plein aire” painting, and large work.

Thick applications can dry extremely slowly, so we recommend artists only use OPEN Colours thinly (< 1 mm). Drying time can also be accelerated by mixing OPEN with faster-drying acrylics like our Fluid and Heavy Body colours. OPEN is fully compatible with other Golden products.

Because OPEN Acrylics dry slowly, there is no waste of paint on the palette – painters are able to use the same colours for weeks and easily preserve colour mixtures for future use.

The slow-drying capability of OPEN Acrylics also makes the suitable for some printmaking techniques.

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