In 2017, Schmincke celebrated the 125th Jubilee Year of their famous Horadam Watercolour with 35 new colours, including 32 single-pigment colours and an increased use of highly lightfast pigments such as Quinacridone and Perylene.

The new, optimized and enlarged Horadam Watercolour assortment of 139 brilliant, intense colours + Oxgall offers painters the highest quality "Made in Germany", including:

- 112 tones with highest possible lightfastness (4 and 5 stars)
- 95 one-pigment-tones for brilliant mixing results
- Enlarged colour harmonic range due to new pigment classes, as well as 20 new pigments, e.g. Quinacridone, Perylene, and transparent iron oxides

While maintaining the traditional manufacture of:

- Pans poured 4 times in liquid state for highest yield
- Especially selected vintage Gum Arabic as binding medium
- Fully reusable paint when dried on a palette
- High control of paint flow, even on soft watercolour papers

139 colours in 5ml and 15ml tubes, and half pans (Assortment varies between stores. All stores stock the full range in 5ml tubes. Newmarket, Ponsonby and Wellington stores stock the full range in 5ml, 15ml and half pans.)

Video on New colours: