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Authors: John Seed & Nicholas Wilton
224 pages

The follow up to best selling art title DISRUPTED REALISM.

These 43 artists' works and Q&A insights connect us with contemporary painting that's “disrupted” stylistically, thematically, or both
• Appealing and relevant to modern art lovers, art students, and all interested in social media's impact on life
• A special look at artist Jenny Saville, the “great disruptor,” clarifies how this artistic current is unwinding

Reveals the contemporary art phenomenon of disrupted realism through the paintings of 43 artists at its core. Profoundly shaped by the events, forces, and overflow of today's disjointed, social-media-heavy life, these artists' paintings are “disrupted” stylistically, thematically, or sometimes both. They allow us to appreciate how art relates to the "super-fast, simultaneous, almost dizzyingly paced scrolling" of our lives.
• Foreword by artist Nicholas Wilton, founder of Art2Life
• Features a special essay on artist Jenny Saville, who has inspired many contemporary representational artists to disrupt their art
• More than half of the artists are from outside the US; includes women and BIPOC artists
• Artists' comments presented in an engaging question-and-answer style
• Artists include Casey Baugh, Jenny Saville, Joseph Lee, Ruprecht von Kaufmann, Justin Mortimer, and dozens more
• Art writer and curator John Seed is the foremost authority on disrupted realism and is the author of Disrupted Realism: Paintings for a Distracted World