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Set of 36 x Copic Sketch Markers - Assorted Colours:
100 Black
110 Special Black
B05 Process Blue
B06 Peacock Blue
B14 Light Blue
B29 Ultramarine
B32 Pale Blue
B39 Prussian Blue
C1 Cool Gray 1
C3 Cool Gray 3
C5 Cool Gray 5
C7 Cool Gray 7
C9 Cool Gray 9
E09 Burnt Sienna
E29 Burnt Umber
E33 Sand
G07 Nile Green
G17 Forest Green
G21 Lime Green
G28 Ocean Green
R02 Rose Salmon
R08 Vermillion
RV11 Pink
RV29 Crimson
V09 Violet
W1 Warm Gray 1
W3 Warm Gray 3
W5 Warm Gray 5
W7 Warm Gray 7
W9 Warm Gray 9
Y11 Pale Yellow
Y13 Lemon Yellow
Y15 Cadmium Yellow
YG03 Yellow Green
YR04 Chrome Orange
YR24 Pale Sepia

• 358 colours – the widest range we have available in markers
• Non-toxic, alcohol based ink
• Refillable – one bottle of Copic Various Ink will refill a Sketch Marker up to 12 times
• Includes a Medium Broad nib and a Super Brush nib
• Unique Super Brush nib delivers a wide range of marks and makes blending easy
• 4 nib options available
• Oval shaped anti-roll barrel
• Compatible with the Copic Airbrush System

Copic Sketch markers are commonly used in many areas of design and illustration including fashion, interior, landscape, architectural and product design, comics, manga, anime, storyboard illustration, mixed media arts, tattoo arts, calligraphy, rubber stamping, papercrafts and more!

The Copic Sketch’s Super Brush nib feels like a saturated, long lasting, flexible brush that never frays, and it gives artists the ability to spread ink smoothly in a manner similar to watercolour.
The Medium Broad nib at the opposite end of the marker is a firm chisel tip, ideal for colouring large areas or creating fine lines depending on which edge of the nib you use.

How does Copic Sketch Marker compare to Copic Ciao and Classic markers?

Copic Sketch and Ciao markers share the same Super Brush and Medium Broad nibs but the Sketch is a larger-bodied marker with an oval anti-roll shape and contains more ink than the Ciao. Sketch is available in the widest range of colours, 358, compared to 180 colours in the Ciao. Copic Classic Marker (just called Copic on the barrel because this is the original Copic Marker) has a Broad nib (broader than the Medium Broad nib on the Sketch and Ciao) at one end and a Fine nib at the other. The Classic has a square anti-roll barrel shape.

For best results use Copic markers on bleedproof paper or Bristol board or a Gordon Harris Zeta Pad.

Copic is the world’s leading refillable alcohol marker system. Made in Japan since 1987.