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NEW Fabriano 1264 Pad Range


Fabriano 1264 logo






Fabriano is Europe’s oldest paper mill, and invented watermarks and surface-sizing.

This range of pads is named after the year Fabriano began: 1264. All papers in the 1264 range are acid-free and archival, the pulp comes from FSC forests, and 60% of power used comes from renewable sources. 


Fabriano 1264 Pads

Fabriano 1264 offers seven paper qualities in distinctive branding to suit a wide range of drawing and painting applications. Each paper is distinguished by a bold cover colour, with information contained on the inside leaf.

These papers are bound in generous volumes, providing excellent value per sheet, with a double metal spiral, except in the Marker and Bristol which are glued on the short side – also an option in the Sketch Pad. All spiral bound pads feature a micro-perforation, so sheets are easily and cleanly detached for presentation.


Fabriano 1264 Sketch pads

The 1264 Sketch Pad is available spiral bound short- and long-side, and as a glued pad. It uses 90gsm paper with a silky smooth feel and warm white tone. It can be used for all dry media, pans, markers, and has a good resistance to erasure.

19100632 Fabriano 1264 Sketch 90gsm A4 Glued Pad 100 sheets
19100633 Fabriano 1264 Sketch 90gsm A3 Glued Pad 100 sheets
19100634 Fabriano 1264 Sketch 90gsm A5 Side Spiral 60sheets
19100635 Fabriano 1264 Sketch 90gsm A4 Side Spiral 120sheets
19100636 Fabriano 1264 Sketch 90gsm A5 Top Spiral 60 sheets
19100637 Fabriano 1264 Sketch 90gsm A4 Top Spiral 120 sheets
19100638 Fabriano 1264 Sketch 90gsm 30x30cm Top Spiral 120 sheets
19100639 Fabriano 1264 Sketch 90gsm A3 Top Spiral 120 sheets


Fabriano 1264 Drawing pads

The 1264 Drawing Pad is available in a top-bound spiral. It features 180gsm bright white paper that is suitable for all drawing techniques, with a fine surface grain that holds good ink lines, and excellent resistance to erasure.

19100645 Fabriano 1264 Drawing 180gsm A5 Top Spiral Pad 30 sheets
19100646 Fabriano 1264 Drawing 180gsm A4 Top Spiral Pad 50 sheets
19100647 Fabriano 1264 Drawing 180gsm A3 Top Spiral Pad 50 sheets


Fabriano 1264 Mixed media pads

The 1264 Mix-Media Pad is available as a top-bound spiral. It’s sturdy 300gsm paper is specially sized to make it suitable for many drawing and painting techniques, including watercolour and acrylic painting and collage. It has a medium surface that holds good ink lines and is resistant to erasure.

19100642 Fabriano 1264 Mix-Media 300gsm A5 Top Spiral Pad 15 sheets
19100643 Fabriano 1264 Mix-Media 300gsm A4 Top Spiral Pad 30 sheets
19100644 Fabriano 1264 Mix-Media 300gsm A3 Top Spiral Pad 30 sheets


Fabriano 1264 watercolour pads

The 1264 Watercolour Pad is available as a top-bound spiral. The 300gsm paper is made with 25% cotton for good wet-strength, and is a specially-sized Cold Press surface that keeps strong colour. It has a fair absorbency that is also durable, allowing for lifting and scrubbing techniques.

19100648 Fabriano 1264 Watercolour 300gsm A5 Top Spiral Pad 20 sheet
19100649 Fabriano 1264 Watercolour 300gsm A4 Top Spiral Pad 30 sheet
19100650 Fabriano 1264 Watercolour 300gsm A3 Top Spiral Pad 30 sheet


Fabriano 1264 black pads

The 1264 Black Pad is available as a top-bound spiral. It features a 200gsm deep black drawing paper with a lovely irregular texture that is perfect for coloured pencil, chalks, and pastel work. The deep black tone contrasts strongly with colour application to provide dramatic effects.

19100651 Fabriano 1264 Black 200gsm A5 Top Spiral 20 sheets
19100652 Fabriano 1264 Black 200gsm A4 Top Spiral 40 sheets
19100653 Fabriano 1264 Black 200gsm A3 Top Spiral 40 sheets


Fabriano 1264 Bristol pads

The 1264 Bristol Pad is glued on the short side. Bristol is a very smooth 200gsm paper that is perfect for illustration techniques and technical drawing. The smooth surface is ideal for fine detail work, and will take markers and ink exceptionally well.

19100654 Fabriano 1264 Bristol 200gsm A4 Glued Pad 50 sheets
19100655 Fabriano 1264 Bristol 200gsm A3 Glued Pad 50 sheets


Fabriano 1264 Marker pads

The 1264 Marker Pad is glued on the short side. This special, extra-smooth 70gsm paper is recommended for all alcohol, solvent, and water-based marker techniques. It is sealed on the reverse to prevent bleed-through and give longer time for working the ink evenly across the surface. The paper is semi-transparent to allow for tracing.

19100640 Fabriano 1264 Marker 70gsm A4 Glued Pad 100sheets




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