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Golden OPEN Acrylic feels like no other paint, combining the best properties of acrylics and oil paint.

Golden OPEN is a great first paint - a lot easier than oil and more forgiving than acrylic, bit it is also an important new paint for:
- Artists who struggle with the fast drying times characteristic of acrylics.
- Artists who want a greater range of control over their materials.
- Oil painters who would rather use acrylics for safety and convenience, but find it difficult.
- Artists and instructors who value the versatility, ease of use, and low waste.

80 Open Acrylic Colours in 59ml tubes.

Golden Artist Colors, New York, is the world's leading innovator of artists' acrylic products. Founder, Sam Golden, began his paint-making career in 1936 producing hand ground oil colours and working with artists in Manhatten such as Willem de Kooning, Helen Frankenthaler, Mark Rothko, and Morris Louis.
Sam was one of the first people to see the potential of new acrylic materials for artist's use.
Sam's acrylic paint was created out of a dialogue with artists who needed new materials to meet their faster and freer painting styles. The products that Sam Golden developed as the result of collaborations with these painters became the inspiration for his entire career.