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Schmincke Masking Fluid allows you to protect underlying areas in watercolour and acrylic painting until you’ve finished layering. The Schmincke Masking Fluid is different from most brands: it is ammonia-free, so while it takes a little longer to dry, it is suitable for using on top of dried watercolour and on more types of paper (for best results, use surface-sized paper such as Hahnemuhle Harmony or Fabriano Artistico), as well as dry acrylic paint. It’s also available in a very handy dispensing bottle that controls where you mask.

Schmincke began at the end of the 19th Century, when the colour chemists Josef Horadam and Hermann Schmincke saw an opportunity to provide the artists of the day with a truly superior artists oil, and so set out to Italy where traditional studio painting was still taught, in search of the nearly forgotten resin oil formulations.
In 1881, at the Academy of Fine Art in Florence, they secured the precision formulations of the Professor Cesare Mussini, a guardian of the old masters techniques, and on these formulations, the two founded their manufacturing establishment under the name H.Schmincke and Co.

In subsequent years, artists’ colours to suit all techniques were introduced, such as Josef Horadam’s patent watercolours of 1892. Through the entire 20th century, every generation of owner has lead the company to its current position as one of the worlds leading manufacturers of finest artists’ colour.