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A comprehensive collection of sketchbook pages to inspire high school art students
• Are you producing a sketchbook, visual diary, or art journal as part of your high school art course?
• Looking for sketchbook ideas and inspiration?
• Learn how high-achieving students present, annotate, and layout their sketchbooks, visual diaries, or art journals
• View outstanding examples of IGCSE/GCSE Art sketchbooks, A Level Art sketchbooks, National Senior Certificate sketchbooks, NCEA Design and Visual
Communication workbooks, IB Visual Arts Process Portfolio pages, and examples from many other high school art qualifications
• A beautifully illustrated book for high school art students, with large, clear images and annotation

About the book
Many students are unsure what is expected within their sketchbook or art journal, or how to present their visual investigations in a compelling and creative way.
Outstanding High School Sketchbooks contains sketchbook pages by high school art students from around the world. Many of these sketchbook pages are from projects that were awarded full marks in qualifications such as IGCSE/GCSE Art, A Level Art, VCE Studio Arts, National Senior Certificate, NCEA Design and Visual Communication, and IB Visual Arts.
The examples illustrate a wide range of approaches to sketchbook content, annotation, and layout. They cover a range of disciplines, including drawing, painting, mixed media, graphic design, sculpture, 3D design, architecture, printmaking, photography, textiles, and fashion. The large-scale images show annotation and fine detail, providing excellent learning opportunities.
Outstanding High School Sketchbooks begins with tips and advice for those looking to create a sketchbook, visual diary, or art journal as part of a high school art class. The introductory text is clear, straightforward, and able to be understood by students. These pages are easily photocopiable for use in a classroom situation, creating student-friendly handouts.
Following the introductory sections, the book contains full-colour spreads of sketchbook pages – providing excellent visual examples for students.

About the author
The Student Art Guide has published free educational content for high school art students and teachers since 2013. Outstanding High School Sketchbooks is our first print publication – we hope you enjoy it!
Introductory text is written by experienced high school art teacher Amiria Gale, with editing by Jan Eyre, an editor with several years of teaching experience. The book is designed to be understood by high school students, providing a visually rich learning and teaching resource.
The Student Art Guide helps high school art students excel. Our resources are created by experienced high school teachers.

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