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Høvel is an entirely reimagined pencil sharpener.
Høvel pencil plane enables you to whittle your pencil perfectly to any desired point. Its unique mechanism also helps to not break the lead of your pencil, unlike the commonly used sharpener, which twists and snaps graphite.
Due to its solid brass body, its weight is a joy, and it gains beauty and character with age.

Made from solid brass, Høvel comes with a pack of 10 carbon steel blades.
The packaging is paper-based and is 100% recyclable.

- Make short, long or even flat points
- Sharpen soft pencils such as pastels or makeup pencils without breaking snapping your point
- Easily changeable blades

Please note the base is sold separately.

Makers Cabinet was founded in 2017 by a team of designers, Odin Ardagh, Benjamin Weininger and Noah Bier. The three founders who met while studying Product Design at Central Saint Martins were dissatisfied with the disposable and wasteful nature of the stationery market and wanted to change that. It began with a simple idea, re-imagining the way we sharpen pencils. Since then, they have created a range of original and exciting heirloom quality tools, elevating the drawing and writing experience to an art form.