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Paint onto glass with Pebeo Vitrea 160 glass paint.
The range consists of 30 remarkably transparent glossy and frosted colours, which combine professional quality and ease of use.
With the marker pens, relief paint or a brush, you can easily create unique and permanent works.
After firing in a domestic oven at 160°C, the Vitrea colours are dishwasher safe.

Glossy finish.

Pebeo, based in Provence, France, is a family owned manufacturer of colours and accessories for artists around the world.

Founded in 1919 by Claudius Chaveau, Pebeo has handed down its passion for the alchemy of art from father to son. Robert Chaveau placed the emphasis on creativity and quickly became noted for his innovations in materials for fine art, graphics, craft and educational paints.

Eric Chaveau, the current chief executive, developed his father's work and gave Pebeo an international dimension.
Thus, for three generations the same ideology and the same mission has been perpetuating: offer everyone the means to full expression in finding the pleasure of using quality products that are easy to use and that fully meet their expectations.
Their ongoing research combining the talent of chemist and artist allows Pebeo to be recognised as the one of the most creative companies in the paint business.