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Top Acryl brushes are constructed with an interlocking effect and have long anthracite transparent lacquered handles that feature Da Vinci's unique esagonal shape - great for holding and preventing roll-away when the brush is put down. As the name suggests, Top-Acryl are top quality brushes for use with all acrylic paints.

They feature 'new generation' synthetic fibres that draw fluid up into the brush head, providing a larger reservoir of colour than standard synthetics. This reservoir feeds the painting edge gradually, so the paint is released in an even manner and does not form a blob close to the ferrule. This makes Top-Acryl perfectly suited for use with diluted colour and fluid acrylics.

Top-Acryl's interlocking fibres have a great elasticity and strength. They don't splay out; they hold their shape even when working on rough surfaces. They are resilient and can be cleaned even if forgotten for a couple of days! They are ideal for use with tube colour and impasto painting techniques.

Flat lettering brushes were popularized by the Impressionists in the 19th Century, who used them for bold strokes and dabbing effects to describe dappled light.
Today, flat brushes are popular for many painting techniques.

For three generations, Da Vinci has created the highest quality artist and specialty brushes. Today, the family owned business offers the largest selection of artist brushes in the world. Each brush is crafted with pride to Da Vinci's exacting standards. Using the finest raw materials available, skilled brushmakers draw on centuries old wisdom and input from contemporary professional artists. Using the latest technical innovations, they create brushes of unsurpassed beauty, quality and endurance.