Ten new colours in Golden Heavy Body Acrylic!

Golden have added two new yellows, seven new tints, and brought back Cobalt Teal.
Highly lightfast Benzimidazolone Yellow in both Light and Medium hues are bright, single pigment colours to either use straight or for mixing clean, brilliant greens. These colours are also replacing the Hansa Yellow pigments in Golden pre-mixed colours, as these new pigments are more lightfast.
Pale tints of strong colours are difficult to match, with only a tiny amount of a colour added to white making a big change. The seven new tints provide a convenient constant tone for pale hues, and offer seven bright pastels for a very contemporary palette.
Cobalt Teal uses a single pigment colour whose brilliance can’t be matched through mixing. It was discontinued due to pigment scarcity a few years ago, much to the disappointment of its many fans, but now it’s bold and back!

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