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Piñata Alcohol Inks

Piñata Alcohol Inks



Piñata Colors are highly saturated, fast-drying alcohol inks for any hard surface, including glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, stone, leather, resin, polymer clay, YUPO® and more. Indelible and impervious to water, Piñata Colors clean up with alcohol and re-wet themselves, allowing for unique effects and techniques not easily achieved with water-based inks. As a dye-based, highly transparent ink*, Piñata Colors are unparalleled for vibrancy. Only the most lightfast dyes have been selected for the palette. Acid-free with excellent adhesive properties, Piñata Colors are the go-to inks for all non-porous surfaces.


Artwork: "Garnet" by Josie Lewis @petrifiedrainbow




Mixing Piñata with Claro — it will stay shiny and not change color. It extends the drying and working time.
Claro is also a transparentizer. Claro dropped or brushed on top of dry Piñata will make it spread, creating rings of
marble or stone-like texture. Slight dulling occurs, but most will remain shiny. Just like real stone!

Mixing Piñata with alcohol produces a slightly lighter color. When sponging this mixture, expect to see tiny
bubble-like textures. This is very effective in making background papers and other interesting textural faux effects.
Alcohol dropped or brushed on top of dry Piñata removes the shine. This is particularly effective on terra cotta
surfaces or in faux finishing techniques where shine would detract from the overall effect.

Spritz or brush layers of color over color. When wet, each layer will push aside the under layers creating amazing
effects. Allowing each layer to dry will produce beautiful glazes and truly spectacular colors with clarity and depth.

Add blanco Blanco to any of the Piñata Colors and achieva a completely new glowing range of pastel variations
with a touch of opacity


Artwork by Maisy Gibson


Crayons: draw with various colors and apply Piñata.

Wax: following directions from the manufacturer, apply melted wax to fabric. Crinkle the fabric allowing the wax to
crack, then apply Piñata. Iron the wax away to create beautiful batik effects.

Gum Arabic: mix gum arabic with water to a heavy cream consistency. Apply this to a rubber stamp or paint it
directly onto a surface. Apply Piñata. Gently wash away the gum arabic.

Piñata Clean-Up Solution: Piñata Clean-Up Solution contains moisturizers to keep brushes soft and pliable. (TIP: Use regular rubbing alcohol to clean off most of the Piñata from brushes and sponges. Use the Clean-Up Solution for the final rinse to
keep brushes soft and ready-to-use the next time!)

Warning: Flammable • Eye Irratant • Contains: Denatured Alcohol • Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.


Artwork by Tanya Alexander @artbytanyaalexander


Try Pinata On:

Glass Paper-coated and uncoated
Leather Foiled papers
Metal Mat board
Fabric Plastics
Wood Cellophane and acetate
Canvass Leaf and gilded surfaces


Ideas & Tips:

Nothing is as beautiful as Piñata brayered onto vellum.
Color match glass drops and beads to your personal artwork.
Dye skeleton leaves into brilliant bursts of seasonal colors.
Mica bits are glorious with Piñata
Don’t forget to try Piñata on sea shells
Air-dry clays
Grommets, eyelets and fasteners!

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